Friday, September 18, 2009

SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge

Healthy food and nutrition for poor or at-risk families is a cause I support with a lot of fervor (donations, food drive committee at work, volunteer time, etc.).

The local food bank (The San Francisco Food Bank) is holding it's 2009 Hunger Challenge, in which I've decided to participate.

The challenge is eating for $4 a day, which is the average amount a Californian on food stamps has to spend on meals each day.

What does this mean for you? Not much. No donations, no begging for money.

But I do challenge anyone else to join me just to experience what it's like.

I've never tried living on $4 of food for an entire day. And am a little anxious about it. Given that I want to save money and need to lose a little weight (still), there's some motivation beyond the sense of empathizing with those less fortunate than me.

Additionally, I won't bore you with facts and figures (plenty of those on the SF Food Bank's web page linked above). But a lot of people have a very difficult time putting together nutritious meals daily for themselves or their families. It's worth walking in their shoes. Even if for a little bit.

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