Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day

Well, the first day on eating under $4 per day went well.

Breakfast was different. The store-brand "cheerio-type" cereal I bought is horrible. An overwhelming sugary-chemical flavor. Anyone who says "that store brand stuff is just the same as name brand" is wrong. Period. I got a nasty sugar rush from it and a little crash later on. Not to mention a vague stomach ache that lasted an hour or so. Coffee ate up a big part of the budget at $0.48 for 8 ounces of coffee. Limiting my coffee wasn't too much of a problem though.

Lunch was peanut butter on a slice of bread and lots of water. Water and being active helped me ignore any hunger pangs (and, honestly, I don't recall any).

Dinner was the pasta salad and water. Which was filling and fairly nutritious.

So, after the first day, it went well and I came in under budget at $2.52 for the entire day for food.

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